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Fargo PVC ID Card Printers

Fargo printers are a line of PVC ID card printers made by HID®, a respected name in the identification and security industries. Fargo PVC ID card printers range from entry-level to high-end, with several different options available at each level.

Fargo printers are widely used: a number of government offices, universities and corporations use Fargo printers in their card printing offices. Fargo printers are excellent solutions for printing driver's licenses, student ID cards, government ID credentials, membership cards and more.

IDenticard is proud to offer several printers from the Fargo "direct-to-card" line. While capabilities vary from model to model, each Fargo printer offers excellent image quality, machine durability and a manufacturer warranty to protect against breakdowns.

We also offer a number of Fargo printer supplies, including printer ribbons, laminate ribbons and cleaning kits.

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