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Colored PVC ID Cards

White cards are so last year: add some color to your ID program!

We offer PVC ID cards in several different colors, perfect as unique employee badges, membership cards, rewards cards and more.

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ID Cards from IDenticard: PVC ID cards, proximity cards, smart cards, key fobs and more


Don't be afraid to get a little creative with your ID card program! These colored PVC ID cards are a great way to do something unique with your employee badges, membership cards and more.


The best part of these cards is that they behave just like plain, white PVC: they're normal size, normal thickness, normal material and are customized using a standard PVC ID card printer


We've found colored ID cards to be perfect for the following situations:


Membership Cards Plain white cards get lost in the shuffle. By using a bright red ID card with a magnetic stripe, you can allow your members to swipe into your gym. Use a yellow ID card with some custom print to ensure that your county library cards don't get left behind.


Rewards Cards Everyone likes to get a little something for their effort, right? Choose a PVC card with your company's colors and use it as a rewards/loyalty card for your customers. Choose a standard color card and print a bar code that you can scan to give points to your customers, or choose a magnetic stripe card and let your customers load money on it to make purchases.