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Concert & Event Wristbands

a collection of custom wristbands for eventsOur offering of vinyl and Tyvek® event wristbands features a number of products perfect for adding security and professionalism to your next large event.

Whether you're looking for drinking-age wristbands for an upcoming nightclub event or VIP wristbands for a music festival, we've got you covered. Our wristbands are available in a variety of different colors and with both single-color and full-color custom imagery.

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Wristbands for concerts, music festivals, nightclubs and more


Our offering of Tyvek and vinyl wristbands features products perfect for events and gatherings of all kinds. Our wristbands are available in dozens of different colors and in two different styles: Tyvek, which is a strong, paper-like substance, and vinyl, which is a smoother, more plastic-like material.


Why use wristbands for events?


custom wristbands for events

Wristbands are mainly used to add security and visibility to events.


They're often issued upon entry at an event, normally by door staff or ticket-takers. For an event wristband to be effective, it needs to be quick and easy to issue; after all, your guests have already waited in line to get into your event, and you don't want them waiting even longer due to a slow security solution.


Tyvek and vinyl wristbands are extremely easy to issue, as they're true one-size-fits-all solutions. They require little to no training, making it easy for your door staff to get up to speed. 


Learn more about why adding wristbands to your event is a good idea in our blog post on the subject: 3 Reasons to Add Custom Event Wristbands to Your Next Gathering.


How are event wristbands used?


Music festival wristbands


Our custom vinyl wristbands are a popular solution for multi-day music festivals. They're durable and waterproof, allowing them to stand up to wear-and-tear over the course of a few days. The full-color customization also makes the wristbands great for branding, and they're often kept as mementos by festival attendees.


VIP wristbands for concerts, sporting events and nightclubs


Event wristbands are a great way to denote special privileges at events of all kinds. Issuing wristbands for VIP access offers two benefits: it makes the wearer feel special and makes things easier on your staff. Brightly colored wristbands are easy for your security staff to see in a dark, fast-paced environment, giving your special guests fast, unfettered access to certain areas.


Drinking-age wristbands for bars and concerts


Issuing wristbands to show that customers or attendees are of legal drinking age allows your bartenders and waitstaff to ensure that they're not serving underage patrons, making things easier on them and easing stress on you. The wristbands are normally issued at the door by staff who check ID cards on the spot, and the wristbands can't be removed without tearing or cutting them, cutting down on transfer fraud.