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Badge Reels

IDenticard manufactures and sells a range of badge reels designed to keep your ID card, keys or other essential items at arm’s reach.

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Retractable badge reels: Carry your card while keeping it conveniently within reach


Badge reels, also known as retractable card holders, are one of the most popular methods of carrying an ID card, and for good reason: they offer card-carrying convenience while keeping a card easily accessible for scanning or swiping.


Badge reels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but their basic design is the same: a plastic or metal housing contains a reel and a curled-up wire, which has some kind of card attachment on the end. When you pull on the wire, it extends (usually up to 3 feet); when you let it go, it snaps back into place, remaining snugly held up against the reel housing.


Badge reels are unique in that they keep the attached credential displayed and out of the way while also keeping it easily available for use with card readers. If you're part of an organization that uses access cards, like proximity cards or smart cards, a badge reel is a great solution. Instead of having to unclip your badge holder, swipe your card and re-clip it, you can simply pull the card out from your reel, swipe it and let it go — then watch as it snaps right back into place!

A collection of custom retractable badge reels with different logos


We offer dozens of different badge reels, from no-twist badge reels for nurses and doctors to heavy-duty badge reels for janitors, factory workers and active personnel. Several colors and end fittings are available as well, allowing you to choose the badge reel that best meets your needs.


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Standard badge reels These are just plain ol' reels, with no custom print. Standard badge reels are easy to find using our interactive selector tool, which allows you to choose the criteria that matter to you and sorts the available reels accordingly. You can choose from colored badge reels, metallic badge reels, carabiner clip badge reels and more — there are nearly 100 varieties! Many of these badge reels are made in our own factories, meaning we're able to ensure quality from start to finish.


Custom badge reels One of the reasons retractable badge reels are so popular as a card-carrying accessory is that they offer a great opportunity for custom branding. The face of the badge reel is a great place to add a logo, graphic, line of text or other custom imagery. Custom badge reels are great for basic use around the office, but can also be used as giveaway items or brand enhancement tools. We offer eight different types of custom badge reel, and we make it easy to get them using our design your own badge reels tool. This tool allows you to choose your style, color and even upload a logo!


Custom badge reels with variable text Think of these reels as being just like the custom reels mentioned above, but with the added bonus of having different text appear on each custom badge reel. Custom badge reels with variable text are a great way to add years of service, employee names, job titles and more to your card-carrying accessory. Please note that the logo and color must remain the same across all of the reels; only the text can change, and text is limited to two lines.