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Badge Holders

Badge holders are a great way to protect a student ID card, employee badge and more. We stock a variety of ID badge holders that can be easily attached with a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel. From vinyl badge holders to armband ID holders and everything in between, we have the badge holders for you. Online orders over $99 ship for free!

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ID Badge Holders: Protect and display your ID credentials


An ID badge holder performs several functions: it carries your ID card, displays it for all to see and protects it from damage, all at the same time. Who knew that little piece of plastic did so much?


Badge holders are of use in a variety of situations, from carrying employee badges in an office to displaying name tags at conventions. 


Even though they may seem like a simple solution, there are over a dozen different kinds of badge holders. Yes, over a dozen! And while we think our interactive tool above will help you zero in on the perfect badge holder for your needs, we also think you could use a little more information on what's special about each badge holder before making a purchase.


Consider this Badge Holders 101! Class is now in session...


Flexible vinyl badge holders are the most common and most affordable badge holders. These holders are made of thin pieces of vinyl and will bend with slight pressure. This makes these badge holders good for protecting a card against dirt or water damage, but not great for active environments. Flexible badge holders usually feature a slot, chain holes or both, allowing for easy attachment to the wearer. These badge holders aren't ideal for standing up to everyday use; think badge holders for conventions and sales meetings, not long-term office use. 


A selection of 3-Card B-Holder badge holders

Rigid badge holders, also known as hard plastic badge holders, are similar to their flexible cousins, with the obvious difference being that rigid badge holders don't bend or flex with normal pressure. This makes rigid badge holders perfect for long-term use, as they provide better protection for the inserted credential and are more durable than flexible vinyl holders. The no-flex material also makes rigid badge holders great for smart cards or proximity cards, as those cards contain internal technology that can be ruined if bent. Rigid badge holders are available in clear material, colored material and are even available with slide ejectors or levers that make it easy to remove the inserted credential for scanning or swiping. 


Shielded badge holders are a unique solution to a modern problem. Shielded badge holders are meant to carry smart cards, as they protect these cards from data theft known as skimming. Skimming refers to the practice of accessing the information on a card without authorization and using it for nefarious purposes; think copying an employee's ID card while he sits at lunch so you can access the building after hours. Shielded badge holders contain a thin piece of metal that keeps the card from being read while it's inserted, keeping the data safe and secure. For more information, check out our blog post on shielded badge holders.


Convention badge holders are a subset of flexible vinyl badge holders, offering plenty of space at an affordable price. These holders are perfect for large-print convention names tags, or for use at large sales meetings, festivals and more. These holders aren't meant to last forever, but will last the length of the event. These holders feature either a slot and chain holes or an attached clip, making attaching the holder to the wearer as simple as can be.


Proximity card holders are also a subset of flexible vinyl badge holders. They're made of a material that's slightly thicker to avoid fraying or tears at the corners of the holder. Proximity card holders all feature a slot that's designed to mimic the slot on the inserted credential. That way, when a strap clip or lanyard is inserted, it serves as a way to "lock" the inserted card inside, preventing it from falling out when it's swiped in front of a card reader.


Other badge holder types that are slightly more specialized include: eco-friendly badge holders, which are essentially the same as standard badge holders aside from being made of a more Earth-conscious material; arm band badge holders, which stay fastened due to an elastic strap worn around the arm, making them perfect badge holders for construction workers, security guards and others in active industries; and silicone cell phone wallets, which stick to the back of your cell phone with a strong adhesive and are capable of carrying up to three cards.


How do you choose the right badge holder?


OK, so now you know a lot more about badge holders, probably more than you ever thought you'd need to know. And while we think our interactive tool above is a great way to choose the right holder, there are some questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase.


1. Is this badge holder for long-term use or short-term use?
2. Will the badge holder be used in active industries (outdoors, factories, etc.)?
3. Will you be inserting a smart card, a proximity card or a standard ID card?


Answering these questions will help you zero in on that perfect holder. For example, short-term use in a non-active industry with a standard ID card points you towards choosing a flexible badge holder. 


Now that you know more about badge holders and have the answers to your questions above, try the tool out and see what you find.


Class dismissed!