Health Care

Healthcare solutions

Tools to identify and secure patients, staff and facilities

  • Identification, role recognition and access cards for staff
  • Visitor Management tools to identify and monitor guests
  • Access control systems to secure facilities

In the world of healthcare, it’s imperative to provide a safe, professional atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors. Healthcare is IDenticard’s biggest industry, and we have sales associates and service technicians working with healthcare clients on a daily basis. We bring that wealth of experience with us in offering solutions that secure facilities, identify staff and process visitors, ensuring professionalism and safety in your buildings.

IDenticard offers identification cards, Visitor Management tools, role recognition cards, access control systems and more that are perfectly suited for use in healthcare environments. Our sales solutions specialists have years of experience in the healthcare field and will work with you to assess your needs and create the perfect solution.

Identification solutions for healthcare facilities

Clear, professional identification credentials are essential to healthcare facilities, and in most cases are required by law. IDenticard has the products necessary to create a comprehensive identification solution in healthcare facilities of all sizes.

  • ID cards and badges: IDenticard offers a number of credentials ideal for use as ID cards for doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff. Standard ID cards, proximity cards and smart cards can be professionally designed using our Premium Badging Service.
  • Photo ID software: IDenticard’s sales and support of professional photo ID software and card printers will keep any badging operation up and running.
  • Badge Buddies: Badge Buddies role recognition cards can be used to meet personnel identification requirements in some states. These helpful cards display a worker’s title in clear, bold text.
  • Card accessories: Badge reels and lanyards do more than secure a badge or card to a staff member: they can be customized to feature your organization’s logo for additional brand recognition.

Access control and security solutions for healthcare facilities

Security is of the utmost importance at healthcare facilities. An access control and security system from IDenticard will help your security team monitor all aspects of your facilities, inside and out. IDenticard’s solutions specialists know healthcare facilities well and will work with you to assess your site’s needs. From installation to support, IDenticard will be there with you every step of the way.

  • PremiSys: The PremiSys access control system is an ideal security system for hospitals and healthcare facilities. PremiSys allows a user to grant and restrict access to certain doors or wings and can be integrated with surveillance video feeds and biometric readers. Reports of which doors were opened at what time lend added security to hospital pharmacies and supply areas.
  • PremiSys Mobile App: This helpful tool allows a user to monitor facilities from a smartphone. Lock and unlock doors, view surveillance video feeds or lock down all doors, all from the palm of your hand.

Visitor Management solutions for healthcare facilities

Visitors play a key role in healthcare settings, whether lifting the spirits of a patient or visiting medical colleagues for research or discussion. However, welcoming guests doesn’t need to mean sacrificing security. A Visitor Management solution from IDenticard will allow you to process hospital guests effectively and safely. IDenticard’s Visitor Management specialists will assess your site’s unique needs and put together the perfect solution for your facility.

  • TEMPbadge™ expiring badges: As a flexible Visitor Management solution, TEMPbadge expiring badges can be used at hospitals both large and small. Smaller healthcare settings will benefit from a TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Book, while other facilities may choose to issue handwritten or computer-printed expiring badges with custom logos or headers.
  • Visitor Management systems: Large healthcare facilities that process many guests per day will benefit from a more comprehensive Visitor Management solution. TEMPbadge VMS processes guests in just four clicks and five seconds. PassagePoint can be integrated with a hospital database to ensure that a visitor is sent to the correct floor and room.
  • WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management: Large healthcare facilities with multiple points of entry will love WhosOnLocation, a web-based Visitor Management system with no downloads or installations required. WhosOnLocation can be accessed from any web browser and is licensed on a per-site basis. That means a hospital can purchase a single license and have multiple sign-in locations for maximum security. Easy guest sign-in, visitor pre-registration, evacuation management, compatibility with TEMPbadge expiring badges and more combine to make WhosOnLocation an excellent Visitor Management system for hospitals.