PVC Printers

PVC card printers

Reliable card printers from IDP®, Fargo® and Zebra®

  • PVC printers for badging operations of all sizes
  • Durable printers will produce high-quality badges and cards
  • Features include dual-sided printing, lamination and more

A reliable PVC ID card printer is an integral part of any PVC ID card or proximity card program. PVC is among the most popular card materials, meaning countless organizations use PVC card printers every day to create quality, professional credentials. These PVC ID card printers allow organizations to create custom ID cards on-site, including printing photos and variable data, laminating cards and even encoding smart cards.

IDenticard offers PVC printers from Fargo, IDP and Zebra, three highly respected brands in the printing industry. We also have the supplies necessary to keep your badging operation running smoothly and offer unrivaled technical service and support. Printer ribbons, print heads and cleaning supplies can be viewed using our Printer Supply Finder.

Value: The PVC ID card printers you need to begin your badging operation

With all of the basic features necessary to print a badge or card, these printers are ideal for small organizations looking to start a PVC badging operation. Starter printers feature single- or dual-sided dye-sublimation printing, edge-to-edge monochrome and color printing, 300 dpi print resolution, magnetic stripe printing and more. Print credentials like membership cards, employee badges or visitor badges with ease!

  • Fargo card printer models: C50, DTC 1000Me, DTC 1250e, DTC4250e
  • IDP card printer models: SMART 30 series
  • Zebra card printer models: ZXP Series 1, ZXP Series 3

Performance: PVC ID card printers with lamination create durable credentials

IDenticard’s Performance printers are ideal for organizations seeking a solution a step above a standard badge or card. Performance printers offer all of the features of the Value models along with the addition of laminating modules. Available as both single- and dual-sided, these laminating modules protect your card under a thin layer of plastic, cutting down on damage. In addition to the laminating modules, Performance printers include optional enclosure locks and combined contact/contactless smart card stations.

  • Fargo card printer model: DTC 4500e
  • IDP card printer model: SMART 50 series
  • Zebra card printer model: ZXP Series 7 (no lamination)

Security: Full-featured PVC ID card printers for large ID badging operations

Representing the highest level of the printer market, IDenticard’s Security PVC card printers offer every feature a badging operation could ask for. Unlike Value and Performance printers, which use an edge-to-edge printing system that leaves a small white border around the card, Security printers use retransfer technology that allows for over-the-edge printing. This retransfer printing means there will be no borders visible on a card printed on an Security machine. Depending on the model, additional features include wireless connectivity, laser engraving and more.

  • Fargo card printer models: HDP 5000, HDP 8500
  • IDP card printer model: WISE CXD80
  • Zebra card printer model: ZXP Series 7 (with lamination), ZXP Series 8, ZXP Series 9

PVC card printer services

While many companies can sell you a printer, IDenticard goes above and beyond through our offering of printer services and trade-ins. Services include warranties, repairs, technical support, software upgrades, troubleshooting and more. Our relationship with you doesn’t end after you receive your new PVC printer.

  • Printer repair: IDenticard has service repair technicians in three locations, ensuring that your PVC printer repair is performed by dedicated professionals who know their craft. IDenticard can perform warranty repairs or routine maintenance. Some printers are eligible for our “hot swap” program, which gives you access to a loaner PVC printer while your machine is being serviced. Technical support can also be reached over the phone for troubleshooting questions or software upgrade purposes.
  • Printer trade-in: Let us take that old PVC printer off of your hands through our trade-in service! In exchange, you receive a discount towards the purchase of a new card printer from IDenticard. The amount of your discount will vary depending on the your printer’s overall condition, make and model.

Which tier is right for you? Compare PVC printers

  Value Performance Security
Dual-sided printing?
Magnetic stripe?
Dual-simultaneous printing?   Some models All models
Network connectivity? Some models All models All models
Printing method Dye-sublimation Dye-sublimation Retransfer
Print type Edge-to-edge Edge-to-edge Over-the-edge

Each brand of PVC printer offers a number of different printer models, and each model has a set of features that makes it ideal for particular badging operations. One printer model may be better for a few dozen cards a month, while other printers are better suited for hundreds of cards per month.

IDenticard’s experienced solutions specialists know each tier of printers inside and out. After assessing your site’s printing needs, we will work with you to find the perfect ID printer solution for your organization.