ID card printers and supplies

ID card printing is easy with IDenticard's tools

  • Printers from Fargo®, IDP®, Zebra® and Epson®
  • Ink cartridges, ribbons and more using our Printer Supply Finder
  • Service, technical support and trade-in programs

A reliable printer is key to keeping any badging solution up and running. Whether an organization is printing five cards a year or 50 cards a week, the requirement is the same: a printer that will create high-quality ID badges and cards quickly and efficiently.

IDenticard offers PVC card printers from well-known brands like Fargo, IDP and Zebra, as well as inkjet printers from Epson that can be used to customize our synthetic paper cards. Printer features, including single- or double-sided printing, monochrome printing, color printing, lamination and more, vary depending on brand and model. Warranties are available on each printer, with length and coverage depending on the make and model.

PVC card printers from Fargo, IDP and Zebra

PVC is one of the most common materials used for identification and proximity cards, making a dependable PVC printer an essential component in many badging operations. PVC printers are available for every type of badging operation, from small businesses to large government organizations.

  • IDenticard offers PVC printers from three respected brands: Fargo, IDP and Zebra. Models ranging from basic to advanced are available from each manufacturer.
  • Optional features include single- or dual-sided printing, laminating modules, magnetic stripe encoding, over-the-edge printing, ethernet connectivity and more.

Epson inkjet printers for synthetic paper cards

Synthetic paper cards are a durable alternative to PVC cards with a big benefit: they can be customized using a standard inkjet printer. IDenticard carries a number of inkjet printers from Epson that can be used to customize synthetic paper Badge Buddies, JetPaks™, IDentiSMART™ and JetProx™.

  • Ideal for printing employee or visitor photos, Epson’s DuraBrite™ inks provide maximum color quality and bring images to life.
  • Inkjet printers are able to print barcodes and, due to being able to print in finer detail than PVC cards, can include additional security features like MicroText.

PVC and inkjet printer supplies

Running out of ink or printer ribbons will slow down your badging operation. Our online Printer Supply Finder makes it easy to stay fully stocked with a variety of supplies for both PVC and inkjet printers.

  • IDenticard offers ink cartridges from Epson in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Cartridges vary depending on printer model and color combination packs are available for select printers.
  • A PVC printer requires printer ribbons and print heads to create a badge or card, and IDenticard offers both from Fargo, IDP and Zebra. Ribbons are available in monochrome, single color, metallic and multicolor.
  • Keeping your print heads and rollers clean is an integral part of printer maintenance. IDenticard offers printer cleaning kits that will clean rollers, print heads and more.

Printer services from IDenticard

While many companies can sell you an ID badge printer, IDenticard goes above and beyond through our offering of printer services and trade-ins. Services include warranties, repairs, technical support, software upgrades, troubleshooting and more. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when a sale is complete.

  • Printer repair: IDenticard has service repair technicians in three locations, ensuring that your repair is performed by dedicated professionals who know their craft. IDenticard can perform warranty repairs or routine maintenance. Some printers are eligible for our “hot swap” program, which gives you access to a loaner printer while your machine is being serviced. Technical support can also be reached over the phone for troubleshooting questions or software upgrade purposes.
  • Printer trade-in: Let us take that old printer off of your hands through our trade-in service! In exchange, you receive a discount towards the purchase of a new card printer from IDenticard. The amount of your discount will vary depending on the your printer’s overall condition, make and model.

A card printer is a big investment. With a variety of different printers available, it can be difficult to know if you’re choosing the right machine. That’s where the IDenticard difference comes in: our experienced solutions specialists will work with you to assess your printing needs and recommend the ideal printer for your situation.