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What happened to IDenticam?

IDenticam customers who now find themselves on a site called are probably wondering the same thing: “what happened to IDenticam?”


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Below, we’ll try to answer some of the big questions surrounding this transition while also introducing you to some new features that we think will be helpful going forward.

Q: What happened to IDenticam?

A: IDenticam recently underwent a name change and is now doing business as IDenticard. We remain the same company, based in Markham, Ontario, and you’ll still be doing business with the same customer service, technical support and sales solutions associates. We remain the same company you’ve enjoyed doing business with for years, just with a new name and a new logo.

Q: Why was the name changed?

A: IDenticam adopted the same name as its American sister company, which is based in Pennsylvania. The reason behind this move is that with each organization now doing business as IDenticard, we are able to offer you resources and services that were previously unavailable. Rest assured that IDenticard in Canada remains a Canadian company, and that this change was made with the best interests of our customers in mind.

Q: Who is IDenticard?

A: IDenticard is made up of two unique businesses: ours, based in Markham, Ontario, and our sister company, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are both proud to be a part of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC), a billion-dollar manufacturer and distributor of identification, security and safety products. While we share a name and resources with our sister company to the south, we remain an independent Canadian business.

Q: Will my business experience be different?

A: Things will be unchanged for the most part, with the only changes being for the better. You will still be doing business with the same sales solutions specialists, the same customer service associates and the same technical support team. In-stock orders will still ship from the same place, meaning the shipping times you’re used to should remain the same. By now, you’ve noticed the completely revamped, which is part of the change for the better. This website features helpful information on our solutions and a full suite of web tools designed to make your online shopping experience easier than ever.

Q: What is new with the website?

A: Everything! was rebuilt from the ground up to be a best-in-class informational and e-commerce website. The site features detailed information on our products and services, including videos and brochures. The site also includes a full-featured online store packed with hundreds of products. For the first time, prices in the store will be displayed in Canadian dollars. We also included a number of features designed to make your shopping experience simple, including design your own product tools, easy reordering, detailed order histories and more.

We realize that change can be confusing, and that the above questions and answers may not cover everything you’d like to know. If you have any additional questions, or specific questions about how this change affects your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us.